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Best of Burbank - Healthy Dogs petsitting Service

Healthy Pet Sitters in Los Angeles

Best of Beverly Hills - Healthy Dogs petsitting ServiceOur Services

Dog Walking - $32.00
Work long hours? We customize a dog walking plan for you that includes a neighborhood walk, food and water refurbishing, playtime, and any household needs like lowering the window blinds, taking in/out trash containers, adjusting the thermostat, watering plants, etc.

Dog Rollerblading - $45.00

Dog Park Visits - $45.00
Does your dog like to socialize? We customize dog park social excursions for the active dog who enjoys frisbee and ball fun and mingling with other dogs. All household needs included.

Overnight Stays - $90.00
Do you have a business trip, vacation or emergency flight out? Does you dog need additional comfort while you are away? No problem. Just let us know your needs and we'll be there for added security.
All household needs and walks included.

Best of Burbank - Healthy Dogs petsitting ServicePet Sitting - $17.00 hr. (min. 3 hrs)
Pet sitting is done in the comfort of the pets home. Belly rubs, playing ball in the pool, neighborhood walks, napping, feeding, watching TV, etc. Minimum 3 hours.

Add $5.00 per cat per household
Add $10.00 per additional dog per household
Add $10.00 for picking up food

Add $5.00 for gas to households outside 5 mile pet sitter radius
Add $10.00 for holidays per visit per household
Add $25.00 for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays per visit per household

First Time Clients:
Call or Email Christy to set up the meet and greet. This is when pet owners inform Christy about their pets daily routine and medical history. For ongoing weekly service, a customized dog walking (rollerblading and/or park visit) plan will also be created. 

Common Sense Guidelines

  • Make sure your pet has an ID tag on it's collar with his/her name and contact information.
  • In case of emergencies, make sure to leave your contact information and the contact info of someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf.
  • Make sure to leave leashes, food, cleaning supplies, medication (if any), doggie bags, etc. in a spot where they can be readily accessible by the pet sitter.
  • Make sure to make an extra key and don't forget to tell your petsitter the alarm code.